How To Increase Breast Size: A Concise Guide To Bigger Natural Boobs

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In some cases, size doesn’t matter. But in the case of a lot of women and their boobs, it does – BIG TIME! Admit it or not, a lot of women look at their boobs as their crowning glory other than their hair, of course. But unfortunately, not all are blessed with big busts. And this opted a lot of women before and up until now for surgery which is as we all know, quite expensive and has a long line of downsides.

However, surgery is not the only the solution to the problem. Fortunately for women who desire bigger busts, there are different natural remedies on how to increase breast size. And these include breast enlargement pumps, massages, exercise routines, specially planned diets, and breast enlargement cream and pills. Although these are genuine solutions on how to grow boobs naturally, it is still best to equip one’s self with enough and correct information on how to do each alternative the proper way.


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Breast Enhancement Cream and Pills

Apart from the post breastfeeding phase, one common cause of small or decreased breast size is a hormonal imbalance. This health problem that is commonly experienced by women who are already in their 40s and 50s are targeted by breast enlargement creams to achieve results of increased bust size and firmness. Made out of all-natural ingredients, the breast enhancer creams are very safe to use and offer zero side effects. The creams are specially formulated to be absorbed directly by the breasts’ skin and work fast in stimulating the mammary gland in order to produce new breast cells while rejuvenating the overall outside condition of the sexual organ.


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Paired with creams are the breast enlargement pills which are encouraged to be taken as well in order to achieve the best results possible. Like the creams, pills are also made out of all-natural sources like Wild Yam, Blessed Thistle, Dong Quai, and Damiana among many others. Taken with the right dosage and proper diet, these breast enhancing supplements promise to deliver results like increased bust of 2-3 cup sizes and firmer breasts in about 5 to 6 months of use.

Some of the most popular and most widely used breast enhancement creams and pills in the market today are the following:

Naturaful Breast Enhancement Pills

Used worldwide by thousands of women from across the globe, Naturaful has long earned its reputation as one of the most effective natural solutions in upscaling one’s bust. The cream works by producing phytoestrogen hormones that aids the body in natural breast growth. It has no side effects and can be safely used by both men and women from different ethnic groups. Recommended daily use of the cream is once in the morning and another in the evening for 6-8 weeks and positive results can be observed in as early 2-3 weeks.


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BUSTMAXX Bust Enhancement Pills

FDA approved and manufactured in a GMP certified facility, BUSTMAXX is definitely the safest and most effective breast enlargement pills in the market today. Recommended use of the product is at least 5 months and has already been clinically tested and proven to be very effective in safely increasing bust size and in improving firmness. 

CURVIMAXX Breast Enlargement Pills

CURVIMAX is packed with all natural herbs as well as all the necessary vitamins and minerals to assist a healthy and effective growth of new breast cells. With a holistically nourishing action, CURVIMAX is effective in improving the overall attractiveness of one’s breasts. Earliest positive results are noticeable in 4 weeks of regular use and continued intake of 2-3 months deliver lasting results. 

Breast Enlargement Pumps

5 Breast Enlargement Pump Naturaful Beauty Electronic Massage Wireless Breast Dual Cup Enlarger Vacuum Pump Suction Nipple EnhancementIf you are a little hesitant in putting something on your skin or in ingesting pills, breast enlargement pumps are the safest to try. However, these machines are proven to be most effective if used along with other breast enhancement remedies like creams and pills. Breast enhancement pumps works by producing gentle but sufficient suction force throughout the breasts in order to stretch the breast tissue until it swells and produces additional cells to accommodate the stretch. 

Electronic Massage Wireless Breast Enlargement Pump

This electronic breast vacuum pump is considerably easier to use compared to its wired counterparts. It also acts as a breast massager with its vibrating action which in turn improve the effectiveness of the electronic breast vacuum pump is considerably easier to use compared to its wired counterparts. It also acts as a breast massager with its vibrating action which in turn improve the effectiveness of the pump particularly in increasing bust size. The machine is designed to be compatible with different breast size to make it comfortable and effective to use as the consumer enjoys gradual breast size increase through time.


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Breast Enhancement Exercise Routines

Technically, there are a lot of different exercise routines and most are developed to focus on specific muscles. If you are looking to achieve for faster results and enjoy fuller and firmer breasts in no time, it is best that you supplement your breast enhancement cream, pills, and pumps with exercises that are targeted in developing breast muscles. But before you move on into executing these routines, it is important that you know the proper ways of doing these breast pumping activities.

Some popular breast exercises are wall press, arm swings, arm circles, chest press, and push-ups. Although most exercise routines are best engaged in gyms, breast focused exercises are simple and can be easily done at home.


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Eating the right foods

This is perhaps the best solution in increasing your bust size and firmness simply because you are able to satisfy your stomach at the same time. They say that you are what you eat so logically speaking, eating breast friendly foods can help you enjoy bigger busts in no time (provided of course you supplement it with the aforementioned breast enlargement solutions).

Eating fruits and vegetables helps you gain a youthful glow while strengthening your immune system. Whole grains, apples, green vegetables, and carrots in particular work in leveling your testosterone levels. Soybeans, chickpeas, and dairy products on the other hand are considered as estrogen boosters. Estrogen is very critical in helping your mammary gland produce new breast cells. Lastly, stop avoiding fats. Eat the right fats though. And the best sources of these good fats are sunflower and olive oils.


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