Best Plus Size Waist Trainer: High Quality Shapewear for the Plus Size Body


Being a plus size doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to reveal a sexier you or that it is impossible to reshape your body. In the first place, a plus size body is a curvy figure. And a curvy figure is already sexy as it is. It only needs a little reshaping and, VOILA! A cover girl in the mirror is looking right back at you!  Below, we found the most comfortable plus size waist trainer.

Yes, it’s no joke. Even plus size women are entitled to waist trainers capable of redefining their already sexy curves and bring out even sexier results. If smaller sized women can achieve an hourglass figure in less than a minute, so can the plus size ladies. And this isn’t something new. In fact, there are already thousands of plus size women from across the globe who have been actively engaged in waist training. As the number continues to grow dramatically, more and more plus size shapewear is being manufactured and offered in the eCommerce world today.

To make the whole process a whole lot easier for you, we took the liberty of scouting almost every inch of the internet world particularly in the waist trainer niche and market to generate a comprehensive and detailed list of what we think as the six best waist trainers for plus size women. 

Plus Size Waist Trainers

1. Rago Women’s Plus Size Waist Trainer

Rago Women’s  waist trainer is for plus size figure made of 75% nylon and 25% spandex. The nylon-spandex combination is that perfect blend of fabric which has been long used for sports and workouts. And in waist training, it delivers superior functionality and unwavering durability. With Rago Women’s Plus Size Nylon Spandex Waist Trainer, you can quickly move and act out your activities without any difficulty while firmly holding your body in a reshaped figure. It comes equipped with power circle contour bands providing the needed support and strength to deliver compression and reshaping function. It also comes with a 12 hook-and-eye closure system to make sure that your plus size waist trainer stays in place throughout the duration of every use. At $23.69, this big treat is just too good to pass.  

2. Pink Queen Women’s Plus Size Workout Latex Waist Training Corset Cincher Shaper

At just $24.99, the Pink Queen latex is definitely a bargain any woman with sexy curves shouldn’t pass. It has a latex core which like most standard sized waist trainers, it helps induce and enhance the thermal activity of the body for improved calorie burning and belly fat melting function. Covered with soft cotton lining, this waist training corset can be worn comfortably for longer periods and even during formal and special gatherings. It offers an all-around support on the back, hips, and stomach making sure that the person maintains a good posture in every use. Whether you need it as a midsection support for your favorite workout routine as a reshaping underwear, Pink Queen’s waist trainer for women is the ultimate plus size girdle for every occasion.

3. Pink Queen Women’s Plus Size Sports Latex Waist Trainer Corset Vest Cincher Shaper

This second product by Pink Queen is a vest type boned corset which is designed for active, and sports minded women. Its core is made of 100% latex which offers ultimate flexibility for freedom of movement while promoting as well as enhancing our body’s thermal reaction. As mentioned in other reviews and articles, the thermal response is a critical process involved in breaking down calories and burning fat. With a cotton lining, this vest type corset is every plus size woman’s perfect companion for daily activities. The overall design and materials used to develop this sports latex waist trainer makes it one of the best options for a workout. At only $25.99 you are just a click away to achieve that hourglass figure, you’ve been longing for.

4. Zmart Women’s Plus Sixe Lace Mesh Underbust Corset Boned Waist Training Cincher

With just $12.99 cutting down a few inches off your waist is now a whole lot easier on the pocket. Zmart’s is made of a nylon-spandex material allowing excellent elasticity without compromising comfort and quality. It has a breathable design which makes it a good choice for any plus size woman looking for a girdle they can comfortably use on a daily basis. It has wide adjustable straps designed to offer more room for the bustier plus size woman. Equipped with three rows of hook and eye closure, you can use this lace mesh corset throughout your entire waist training program as you can easily adjust to a tighter waistline gradually from time to time. Its rigid structure and smooth contours make it the perfect partner for any form fitting outfits. 

4. Secret Solutions Women’s Plus Size Invisible Shaping Tank

This particular plus size shapewear is the most unique entry in the list and is definitely a guaranteed must have for everyone. This shaping tank is designed to provide a reshaping solution not just in your middle section but on your thighs as well. As the name of the product implies, it is manufactured with a nude color so that it appears you are not wearing any shaping garment at all. Although it doesn’t offer that much compression, it is developed to reshape your figure to a sexier hourglass-like silhouette efficiently. With a thin second skin like fit, it truly is an invisible shaping tank specially designed just for you. They offer the best price, it only proves that getting sexier is not expensive at all. 

5. ShapEager Braless Body Shaper for Women Plus Braless T-shirt Waist Cincher Plus Size

This plus size waist cincher by ShapEager offers light-medium compression assuring comfortable use every time while effectively avoiding the overtightening tendency of other users. It is manufactured with a seaweed extract delivering essential vitamins and minerals to your skin as you wear it. Its fabric is also designed to provide a massage-like reaction enhancing the product’s overall function as a reshaping garment. Its rigidly structure effectively supports both front and back midsection ensuring proper posture at all times. What’s even better about this waist cincher for plus size women is that it is also capable of lifting breasts while securing an hourglass silhouette at the same time. With the best price, the sexier you, seems like just a stone’s throw away.  They also offer a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. 

Helpful tips on finding the right size

Not all plus size women can wear the same type and size of waist cincher. In the market today, there are hundreds of different sizes of waist trainer for plus size women, and it can be very tricky as well as challenging to find the one that perfectly matches your figure. Although most cinchers especially the ones listed above are offered at amazingly low prices, it’s not a valid reason to gamble on the choices and make regrets later only because you miscalculated the size. So here are a few reminders and tips to help you on your way towards getting your hands on your reshaping cincher.

Explore. The internet offers a lot of benefits and advantages especially when it comes to researching purposes so use it and use it wisely. Scour the market for all your possible and preferred options for a plus size waist trainer. Compare prices, check the manufacturer’s work track and read a couple of customer reviews here and there. It only takes a few minutes, and you’re on your way towards smart buying.

Consider your body type. Apart from size, your body type is also a critical factor which must be considered before purchasing the perfect waist trainer. Some have straight bodies, others have natural hourglass like figures but with just some extra curves on some corners, while the rest have serious trouble with their belly fats. Plus size waist cinchers like their standard sized counterparts have different designs and styles to accommodate various body types of plus size women. Familiarizing with your unique body type requires considering your bust size, the length of your torso, circumference, and width of your mid-section, and many more others.

Be clear about your goals. Although the general reason among women for acquiring a cincher is to be able to achieve an hourglass figure, it is still considered generic, and there will always be specific and unique purposes that every woman has. List down your main problems with your body, how you want them to be reshaped, and to what extent you are willing to take to achieve your goals. These are all essential elements that will help point you in the right direction as far as buying a plus size waist trainer is concerned.

Measure your body carefully and accurately. Make sure that you get the correct numbers of your body to land on the right size and type of waist cincher. If you find it difficult to do so, ask a friend who is used to or has at least made some body measurements before to lend you a hand.

Recognize and respect sizing recommendations offered by manufacturers. Makers of these waist trainers for large bodies have different rules on sizing mechanisms. Therefore, it is not wise to recognize one size of a particular manufacturer is just the same with competing brands. As much as possible, read the product description of every cincher that you take interest with and follow their sizing guidelines and instructions. This way, you’ll be able to make sure that you get the right fit for your size.

Test the fit of your waist trainer as soon as you receive it. But wait, don’t remove the products tags just yet. It’s your insurance policy if ever something is wrong with the product. You can immediately return or exchange your product with another if ever it doesn’t work well on you. Therefore, it is also critical to check and see on the manufacturer or the retailer’s return and exchange policy before making any purchase.

plus size waist trainer

Kick starting your waist training

Every start is often the most difficult especially when it comes to waist training. But don’t worry, we have come up with a short, easy to follow but effective guide to help you get a good head start with your waist training program.

As soon as your order arrives, test the fit right away. Take out a full-size mirror and try putting your waist trainer on. Bear in mind that it is often a little difficult to put on a new corset for the first time so a little more patience in this case can be helpful.

Once you have tried your girdle on and the fit is ok, keep it in mind to not get tempted with overtightening your waist trainer. This will only hinder your normal breathing and will not do any good at all. As much as possible, hook your cincher on the first row for the first couple of days. You can adjust it tighter later on as soon as your body has comfortably adjustment with the garment’s compression.

Start wearing your waist trainer with just 1-2 hours a day for the first 3-5 days. Do not overwhelm your body with the sudden compression that your waist trainer is designed for. Help your body adjust. You can then move to longer hours of regular use later on.

Drink plenty of water as often as possible especially when working out. The compression from your waist trainer will often fool you to thinking that your stomach is full. Drink water from time to time to help your system recover with fluids lost from sweating. Waist trainers are generally designed to enhance your body’s thermal reaction, so sweating is a normal and common scenario.

Eat healthy meals. According to our research, eating smaller meals more frequently works better for those who are undergoing waist training. Also make sure that vegetables and fruits are always present in every meal throughout your entire diet plan.  

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